Moshi Moshi

Welcome to our blog site.

It has taken us many months to establish.  We will be learning as we go.

Please have patience.

Our site image was created and photographed by Graham.

The main reason for this site is to enable better communication with Graham and Austin’s family in Japan.

As we are not able to write in Japanese, our posts will have few words but many images.

Enjoy !


This page will always appear first.

So I have decided this is a good place to keep you updated with some of our family news.

Saturday 25 February: The boys did not go to Japanese school this morning. Angus is feeling very unwell with a throat infection and Austin still has a cold.

konnichiwa-200kb Konnichiwa from Austin


In January we went from Goolwa to Victor Harbor in the Cockle Train.

The boys enjoyed an icecream at Goolwa station while they waited for the train.


Angus enjoyed the view.


We finally arrived at Victor Harbor.




This year Graham is in Year 2 at Eastern Fleurieu Primary School. Angus and Rowan attended this school.

Graham enjoys school.

Graham has 3 teachers:

Ms Roach is his class teacher.

  • She was awarded  ‘outstanding teacher’.

Mrs Rhode teaches Graham on Wednesday.

  • Her grandmother taught Angus when he was in Year one.

Mrs (Sue) Noack: a relief teacher.

  • I taught Sue when she was a student at High School.
  • I was also in the same class with her brother when I attended high school.
  • My mum (Graham’s great grandmother) was related to Sue’s mother.


Austin has (sort of) settled in at Strathalbyn Kindergarten.

He attends every Monday and Wednesday from 8.30am to 3pm, and until 12 noon on the 2nd and 4th Fridays.


Strathalbyn 2016

In March 2016 Angus and the boys moved from Mitcham to make their home with me in Strathalbyn.

The image featured above shows Graham (left) and Austin at their beloved computer desk.

asleep-300kb  It had been a long day for Austin.

Austin loves to help.

It was a rainy day …

austin-helping3-400kb austin-helping-400kb

austin-helping5-400kb  ….. but the sun was shining inside.




Graham (sometimes) enjoys art. He is always very inventive. This work shows a cross-section of the earth with red molten magma; blue ocean; yellow sand with brown rocks; green grass and a tree.

art-work2-400kb art-work-400kb

He is wearing his Mitcham school top.

Graham loves working with lego.


Here are the basics of our Blog site feature image.

First there was one …


and then there were two ….




Austin loves to read books.

reading2-300kb reading-400kb


and show off …..

look-at-me-300kb look-at-me-now-300kb


Graham did some experimenting with ‘selfies’ on my iPad:

selfie1-200kb selfie2-200kb



Both boys enjoy bike riding.



In July, Graham taught himself to ride a two-wheeler.

…. and another try ….


… until

… next day ……


Practice may not make perfect, but it sure makes for improvement.


With Family and Friends

In September we visited Asa’s family in Japan.

Graham and Austin enjoyed time with their Nana and cousin Yuu.



In October we enjoyed our annual MacGillivray family day at Paracombe.

This is held at the home of Graham’s brother, Bruce.

The boys are playing with their cousin Jesse ….

and riding in the Kubota.




Here Austin is talking with our friend Margaret and her dog, Muffin.

He tells her she could “put Muffin in the sausages”.

Austin loves watching this video.



Watch this space.